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Do I Need an OT?

Children develop at different rates and some variation is typical, however a child may benefit from OT support if showing:

Difficulty with self care tasks beyond what is expected for their age. This includes:

• Toileting (awareness, coordination, completing all the steps)
• Dressing including buttons and zips
• Washing hands, brushing teeth
• Extreme discomfort with haircutting and fingernail trims
• Difficulties using cutlery
• Limited food preferences
• Decreased willingness to try new foods

Specific sensory needs such as:

• Putting hands over ears / startling with loud noises
• Tantrums in the shopping centre
• Anxious about going new places
• Avoiding light touch
• Seeking movement or crashing
• Avoiding certain fabrics (eg: tags in clothes)
• Smelling or licking / chewing nonfood items
• Increased light sensitivity

Difficulties with school:

• Attention and concentration
• Unable to sit still
• Poor reading
• Poor handwriting or fine motor skills
• Letter reversals
• Decreased coordination or clumsiness
• Difficulty learning new movement activities