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KShield Educational Journey

Behavior Intervention Plan of Action (BIPA)

For Kids ages 2 to 11+

Behavior Intervention Plan of Action

In addition to difficulties and challenges at home, children’s behavioral concerns such as uncontrolled tantrums, aggressive physical behavior or repeated emotional outbursts can significantly affect learning progress and academic success.

KShield BIPA is the intervention plan developed after the KShield Behavior Screening is conducted when undesirable behaviors are identified in school- and preschool-aged children.

Through a intervention action plan tailored to each child’s needs, abilities and personality, KShield BIPA provides effective strategies to correct and prevent these challenging behaviors – teaching children to respond to challenges through positive attitudes.

BIPA is designed to teach and reinforce positive behaviors and ensure a healthy educational environment that can optimize learning and improve family interactions.

$39.90 / week for 12 weeks

An Intervention Plan of Action to keep Behavior on track
KShield Behavior provides a formal Behavior Intervention Plan of Action (BIPA) that teaches and rewards good behavior. It is developed according to the profile of each child, after screening and analyzing 4 primary functions of children’s conduct:

Access to Tangibles is reinforced whenever a behavior is demonstrated to earn access to something physical, an object, or an activity. Example: a child trying to gain access to an iPad or hitting a sibling to get them to give up a toy.

A KShield Behavior targeting the function of behaviors known as tangibles can provide an evidence-based intervention plan that effectively minimizes negative conduct, ensures a healthy natural environment that optimizes learning, and improves educational and family interactions.

Sensory-seeking behavior is a term that describes many responses that occur to satisfy a sensory need. Humans engage in sensory seeking behaviors to obtain feedback from the environment.

KShield Behavior
can reduce sensory cravings that negatively impact academic success or stability at home. Sensory seeking behaviors can demonstrate a strong interest in movement, lights, colors, sounds, smells, and tastes that need to be regulated in a variety of situations. The effectiveness of this evidence-based intervention can be improved when it is reliably implemented.

KShield Behavior can reduce escape behaviors that are primarily used to end an ongoing request or task. Sometimes the response serves to prevent something from happening in the first place. Over time, the behavior is maintained or persists because it was effective in escaping or avoiding unpleasant things in the environment. An example would be a child running away from an adult when it is time to go to school.

Through evidence-based and tailored interventions, KShield Behavior can reduce such attitudes.

Attention Seeking behavior occurs when an individual engages in a positive or negative way, that results in another person (a child or an adult) giving some form of social recognition. For example, a child may throw a tantrum because she or he is seeking attention from another person.

KShield Behavior
can develop and implement an effective intervention plan to reduce attention-seeking attitudes.

$39.90 / week for 12 weeks