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Early Intervention

From Birth to 3 years of age

Soon after birth, an infant will show off their personality and develop nonverbal communication in an effort for their basic needs to be met.

These early forms of communication exhibit as brief eye gazing at objects, crying or cooing communicating needs for physical bonding; being held and possibly soothed or fussing/crying to be fed. Development continues from infancy to childhood and may not always follow the same pace for every child, however, children do grow and develop acquiring skills at typical age-appropriate milestones such as crawling, walking, saying their first words at around the same age.

Early Intervention

We believe Early Intervention, both therapeutically and academically, is a key part of the Educational Journey and leads to success.

Monitoring a child’s development for school readiness begins at birth and is a constant process. With that in mind, we have now released a comprehensive online developmental assessment service – KShield Screening – created for screening children from birth to 3 years of age designed for collaboration, continuity, and academic success.

Early intervention begins with a multidisciplinary team evaluation to identify a child’s needs. Research reveals that early intervention services can considerably lessen the effects of developmental delays.

AC&A has put together a multidisciplinary team that includes our specialists of occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, board certified behavior analysts and special educators to assist your child during the Educational Journey.

Easy to access, simple to do and it can make all the difference.

KShield Early Intervention

In addition to providing fully accurate developmental screening, KShield Early Intervention combines live video consultations and interviews with expert therapists, ASQ-3* screening tools and scoring, as well as multidisciplinary team assessments that result in educational guidance and recommendations for intervention activities that parents, and caregivers can use to keep child’s learning progress on track.

*ASQ-3™ is a registered trademark of P.H.B. Publishing Co.

$84.00 / week for 4 weeks

What is included:

> Video Consulting

> ASQ-3 questionnaires*

> Recommendations of activities

> Guidance for educational success

> Documentation for scholarship application

> Full online support