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KShield Educational Journey

Educator Intervention Screening (EIS)

For Kids ages 5 to 11+

Educator Intervention Screening

Educator Intervention Screening is an extension of KShield Academics and targets pre-literacy and literacy skills based on the Common Core Standards.

Here at AC&A, our team of special educators will support parents/caregivers, students, and educators with proven, evidence-based interventions. Our special educators use progress monitoring through data collection to provide intensive reading interventions to strengthen areas identified as areas of concern(s) through our Education Intervention Screening measure.

Our mission is to streamline this process for private schools, enabling all parents and educators to assist the student in his or her educational journey. Private schools using the RtI system keep parents informed of their child’s progress, instruction, and interventions used.

$84.00/ week for 4 weeks

The Educator Intervention Screening will look at the six areas of reading:

> Print Concept

> Phonological/Phonemic Awareness

> Phonics

> Fluency

> Reading Comprehension

> Reading Vocabulary

If an area of concern is identified a special educator will recommend an intervention plan, Educator Intervention Plan of Action (EIPA).