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KShield School Analysis Report:
An Intervention Plan to keep Inclusive Education on track.

For Private Schools

K-Shield School Analysis Report

KShield School Analysis Report is a unique evaluation tool for private schools, capable of generating a detailed customized action plan according to the adopted educational strategies and policies.

This analysis allows schools to develop a rich and highly contextualized understanding of the current school situation facing inclusive education, and to answer fundamental questions such as:

Where is the school now?

Where does the school plan to be?

How inclusive can school be?

KShield School Analysis Report is a key component of the educational journey and is highly effective to inform your school’s improvement in learning, teaching and leading.

Through online checklists and interviews with the Senior RtI Educator and school staff, KShield School Analysis Report can provide the school with accurate and valuable information for the school’s development towards excellence:

  • Identification of the needs of students, teachers, and the school
  • Evaluation of the school’s performance in relation to its goals and improvement measures
  • Learning needs of teachers and leaders, as well as students themselves
  • Recommendations and support for setting up an appropriate resource/therapy room
  • Strategies to engage all staff in looking forward and determining future directions for the school.

TAKE A QUICK QUIZ to determine if your school is getting the grade it needs to meet your students’ needs.

What is included on KShield School Analysis Report?

  • Two 30- minute video conferences with our Senior RtI Educator
  • Intake form sent out prior to video conference
  • Report/ Plan of Action with customized recommendations
  • Upload video of possible space to be designated for resource/therapy room.

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KShield School
Analysis Report


How It Works

1. Schedule a video conference with a Senior RtI Educator.

2. Submit a School Registration Form prior to the live meeting.

3. Meet with the Senior RtI Educator to discuss intake and relevant information received from the intake.

4. The report/plan of action with customized recommendations will be generated for school and reviewed via video conference with Senior RtI Educator.