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KShield Partnership:  Daycare Centers and Preschools

Helping Children Get Ready for Big School

The KShield Partnership is primarily designed to form a collaborative partnership between Daycares, Preschools, selected primary school/centers and establishments caring for and educating children between the ages of 3 and 5.5 years of age. The partnership provides the preliminary screening and assists with placement for new children as well as identifying developmental difficulties/delays and referring for therapy services or other programs needed.

The Goal: KShield Partnership provides developmental screenings and identifies areas of developmental concerns in the early years which may affect educational and developmental growth. The program links caregivers/ educators and family members to available resources provided by a team of professional therapists and or programs for addressing the identified developmental concerns.

K-Shield Partnership - Daycare Centers - Preschools

Childcare providers now have an effective tool which identifies areas where a child may need more support. Early detection of developmental concerns is a key step in providing children and families with the services needed for academic and social success.

  • Access to a complete screening service which provides the child’s current developmental level, best practice educational plans developed for student’s success and recommendations for intervention when needed.
  • Accurately identifying learning delays and/or developmental delays providing extensive feedback for parents and Daycare staff.
  • Conference materials for planning and positive outcomes provided to parents/Daycare staff.
  • Priority and special pricing for scheduling children enrolled in the K-Shield Partner.
  • Parents will have early detection of possible developmental areas of concern affecting the present and future academic success.
  • Links parents into a process for ongoing developmental progress and support.
  • Home programs and suggestions for continued support as needed.
  • Provides documentation for the parent supporting the scholarship application process for use with tuition, therapies, support technologies, and enrichment classes.
  • Convenient, easy to do, and provided in the comfort of their own homes.

What is KShield Screening?

KShield Screening is a comprehensive online developmental screening providing an accurate developmental profile and individualized plan encompassing best practice resources and guidance for educational success.

It is a simple and easy to do process which parents, child educators, caregivers, and health care providers can use for capturing a child’s strengths and weaknesses and identify children who may benefit from more intensive assessments addressing potential developmental delays.

KShield allows parents and Daycare staff to target educational activities and efforts according to each child’s individual characteristics and stage of development, improving the conditions for future academic success, health and well-being for all children screened.

Who runs KShield Partnership?

The KShield Partnership is operated by AC&A’s Early Intervention Team.
AC&A is one the largest group of pediatric therapy providers in the South Florida Tri County area, for over 20 years providing specialized services to a wide range of patients with diagnosis spanning from mild developmental delay to severe autism and neuromuscular conditions.

Powered by highly passionate, skilled, and committed health care professionals, AC&A offers a full range of therapy services for children ages from Birth to 21 years old, integrating therapy practice with educational, social, behavioral, and community programs.

By delivering online services and both in-school and home-based therapies, AC&A focus on educational goals and life skills, delivering ongoing communication and working very closely with the educators, families, and caregivers.

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How It Works

1. Schedule a video conference with an AC&A specialized therapist.

2. Submit a School Registration Form prior to the live meeting.

3. Meet with the specialized therapist to discuss intake and relevant information received from the Intake Form, as well as your needs for supporting Exceptional Students Education.

4. During de video consultation, specialized therapist will be able to assess the specific characteristics and needs of your school, and answer all your questions about educational and therapeutic services at school.