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Services & Pricing

K-Shield Developmental Screenings
K-Shield Intervention Plans
Live Video Consultations
Live Consultation with an ESE Specialist
$49 (up to 1 hour session)
Live Consultation with a Pediatric Therapist
$49 (up to 1 hour session)
Florida Teletherapy Plans
Educational Programs
Exclusive for Private Schools

RtI and Therapy Services General Enquiries

Book now a Live Consultation with an AC&A Senior Specialist to discuss specific issues related to your school and receive full professional support and guidance.


K-Shield School
Analysis Report

A unique evaluation tool capable of generating a detailed customized action plan according to the adopted educational strategies and policies


Sensory Room

Book now a Live Consultation with a K-Shield specialist and have access to a complete and customized plan for implementing a therapy room within the school.