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Positive Reward Systems

Rewards are important for many reasons. Rewards can encourage your child’s good behaviors. The way a parent/caregiver responds right after the child’s behaviors makes the behavior more or less likely to happen again. Rewards can help get a child to do more desirable tasks.

This customized therapy-based program can provide beneficial solutions to provide appropriate reward systems that will track positive or undesirable behaviors and provide specific recommendations that will strengthen positive outcomes for the parent/caregiver and child. Each plan when followed, at the recommended frequency, has an optimal achievement level of 100% for each plan.

$18.00 / week for 12 weeks

The Positive Reward Systems is a weekly subscription to your credit or debit card and has a total price of $215. You will be charged once a week for $18 for 12 weeks. If you cancel the service at any time before its scheduled end, charge will cease as of the following week.

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