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K-Shield Screening

K-Shield Screening can accurately analyze each child’s stage of development (birth through age 11) and recommend actions to target education for what each one is ready to learn.

Early Intervention

For kids age 0 - 3 years

Early intervention begins with a multidisciplinary team evaluation to identify a child’s needs. Research reveals that early intervention services can considerably lessen the effects of developmental delays.

This new developmental screening service is extremely easy to access and highly effective in capturing children’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying those who can benefit from more intensive assessments addressing potential developmental difficulties/delays.

School Readiness

For kids age 3 - 5 ½ years

Several studies have indicated that many young children with clinically significant developmental delays are not detected until the first few years of school. Consequently, critical early intervention opportunities for young children who are at-risk of developing problems may be delayed and or lost. This can lead to varying combinations of academic and/or social school related struggles.

The K-Shield School Readiness is a comprehensive online assessment service for screening preschool and kindergarten readiness in children ages 3 to 5 ½ years.


For kids age 5 - 11 years

K-Shield Academics will give parent/caregivers specific, direct, and understandable information about their child while assessing gross motor, fine motor, communication, cognition/ thinking and reasoning, sensory, social emotional development, pre-literacy and reading skills.

K-Shield Academics will evaluate the child as a “whole”, which will contribute to meaningful curriculum planning and the design of developmentally appropriate educational intervention Plan of Action when deemed necessary.